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From the hut go down to the crossroads Sella- Pordoi, (at the junction of state plaque in memory of cycling companies Fausto Coppi), then turn left to follow the path that leads to Pecol. It passes for a stretch on the winter ski slope. When the track (going up) definitely turn left to 'the right end of the curve it is the path which reaches a stream with bridge.
 The path leads to the asphalt road and from there you can see the cable car. Using the 'system, the Col dei Rossi with the path 601 you come to the ref. Belvedere and then to Fredarola.
 Select different options:
1) continuing flat on path 601 and stopped off at the ref. Viel dal Pan can reach the Fedaia lake, paying attention to 'last run pretty steep.
 By bus back to Canazei. L 'tour is wonderful to view the Marmolada and Gran Vernel share.
 Time: all day.
2) From ref. Belvedere fall for lawns up to 'Hotel Pordoi and with 100 meters of paved road you arrive at the Casa Cantoniera red, between this and the magnificent lake, take the path (near the wooden cabin) that leads to Rif. Pale Mountains.
 Time: 1/2 day
3) From Rif. Belvedere climb to Ref. Becé Sas (m.2338) and descend to the Pordoi Pass.
 Passing the church dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows you see the cable car and with this the ref. Maria, on top of the Pordoi (m.2239), you can enjoy the wonderful view over the Dolomites. Back up. For lawns, to the left of the road, go down to Canazei; from the nearby Red House Cantoniera the pond (photo) and wooden house, continue on the path towards the Rif. Pale Mountains.
 Time: All Day

Rif. Monti Pallidi - Pecol - Belvedere

Rif. Monti Pallidi - Pordoi- Boè - Pian de Schiavaneis

From the Hut Monti Pallidi with the path that goes to the step Pordoi climb the 'homonymous top by cable car.
Reached the Sass Pordoi (m. 2950) is down to Rif. then fork to the scree path 627 continue to the ref. Boè (m. 2871).
We continue on the path that climbs the 647 'Antersas, down to continue to the junction to the Val Lasties path 647 and with a repetitive series of flounces with both sides closed by spectacular walls lead to' last flat section (m. 2330 ). There is a fork to the right and while the path 656 leading to the big bend of the road of the Passo Sella, on the left hand near the west wall of the Sass Pordoi you can climb down a steep serpentine in mountain pine forest that leads to the path that leads to paved road and then to Rifugio Monti Pallidi.
Time: a full day

2) From the Pordoi Fork left into the Val of Fos.
Once the steep valley flattens and opens to the northwest, continuing in that direction intersects the trail 647 and follow it downhill.
Time: 1/2 day plentiful.

Visita alle cascate e alle marmotte

From the Hut Monti Pallidi following the road for about 400 mt, turn down the street to the bar that closes the dirt road, following the path and stream at the end of this form of the beautiful valley d 'waterfalls. On the left, looking at the rock wall, where there are often climbers marmots have made the den and in the morning hours will be approached for a breakfast of vegetables brought by tourists (no other dates). Time: 15 min

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